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For our partners

Support by CrutchfieldSM provides a way to offer Crutchfield's legendary support services to the end users of your products. Support by CrutchfieldSM partners provide a direct link from the product detail pages on their website to the corresponding product page at Crutchfield. Once on Crutchfield.com, the shopper is provided an enhanced, partner-centric shopping experience. Shoppers gain access to Crutchfield's vast content resources, proprietary products (such as installation kits), and full one-on-one sales, back-end technical and customer service via dedicated phone, chat and email links.


For the past 45 years, millions of shoppers have regarded Crutchfield as the premier specialty online and catalog retailer of consumer electronics products. Its reputation is confirmed by a leading consumer research organization ranking Crutchfield as the nation's top online retailer of consumer electronics in 2019. Crutchfield is the only online retailer out of 4,700 surveyed that has earned BizRate's Platinum Circle of Excellence award for 19 consecutive years.


Crutchfield is known for providing deep knowledge about the products it sells, both before and after purchase. Its in-house editorial staff has produced thousands of articles and videos on a wide variety of consumer electronics topics. Its U.S.-based sales advisors undergo 400 hours of initial training over a three month period. It is followed by ongoing recurrent training throughout their careers. Crutchfield's technical support advisors have extensive in-depth knowledge gained by years of hands-on experience. This support is provided to customers for the lifetime of their purchases. Crutchfield's product databases are compiled by a dedicated team of research technicians who delve into and document virtually every detail of Crutchfield's 14,000 SKUs. Crutchfield has developed an online vehicle fit tool which applies to approximately 25,000 makes, models and years of vehicles. It involved technicians taking apart and reassembling over 6,000 vehicles.


Crutchfield has been a pioneer in retail innovation. Its spring 1975 catalog was the first of any type to offer extensive educational content. And, Crutchfield was a pioneer in online retail. Its website went live in September 1995, only one month after Amazon's. Crutchfield has developed custom-made wiring harnesses (ReadyHarness), and patented in-home acoustic simulation of car and home speakers (SpeakerComparetm). Its proprietary Connect ID technology allows advisors to send web pages, images and carts in real time to customers shopping Crutchfield.com. Additionally, Crutchfield's many unique and innovative processes drive the company's operational excellence.


Crutchfield has always been known for its rich organizational culture. It is centered on maintaining the upmost respect for its customers, employees and business partners. Over its 45 year history, the company has never had an employee layoff. Virginia Business magazine has repeatedly rated Crutchfield as one of the state's best places to work. And, it has always complied with the commitments made to its business partners.


Since its founding in 1974, Crutchfield has successfully adapted to the many challenges that our industry has faced. It maintained profitability during each of the six economic recessions over its 45 year history. And, being debt-free, the company is in a very strong financial position.